It’s About Time They Saw The Light!

Public Forum to Address Safety Issues on Vaccines

In the midst of yet another controversy about whether vaccines cause autism, the federal government will hold its first ever public meeting on Friday to discuss a governmentwide research agenda to explore the safety of vaccines.

This sounds like a positive step, but then we’re talking about a government that kowtows to big business, and you don’t get any bigger than the US pharmaceutical companies who make these vaccines. It would be nice if this study took a really objective look at the safety of vaccines, but, from the tone of the article, I suspect that this conference will be heavily stacked with so-called experts – pharmaceutical lobbyists and their whores from the medical field with major prejudices in favor of vaccination programs. I seriously doubt that any autism researchers who suspect that a link exists between vaccines and autism will be involved in these public forums in any substantive manner.

This conference, to quote the ew York Times article, “intended to help defuse years of criticism from vaccine skeptics that the government is hiding what it knows about vaccine safety or failing to investigate the issue diligently.” Not that our government has ever witheld this kind of information before, right? Like what it knew about AIDS way back in the early years of that epidemic. Uncle Sam never lies and always takes the safety and well-being of Americans to heart. NOT!

Politicians, and especially Republicans, are bought and sold by these corporations like swine at the local farm auctions here in Arkansas. And these politicians are held in the same contempt by these corporations as the pig farmers here are held by the cattle farmers. Yes, the people that raise beef here do not call themselves ranchers, but rather cattle farmers. And they think pig farmers are dumb!!!

It is time that we remove the influence peddling of these lobbyists and politicans, and the Obama campaign, with its extensive use of the Internet as a grassroots fundraising tool, has shown us the way out of the mire that is politicsi-as-usual. The election of Obama as President would serve as a wakeup/rallying call to our Comgress that it is time to clean house. Once we get rid of the influence peddlers in policy making, perhpas then we might trust the results of such a research agenda as this conference is proposing.

Until that happens, all this conference will produce is just more waste of our tax dollars in order to line the pockets of the pimps of US politics.


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