Press Piranhas Responsible For Deaths of Dodi Al Fayed and Princess Diana

Coroner Jury: Diana Unlawfully Killed

LONDON (AP) – A coroner’s jury ruled Monday that Princess Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed were unlawfully killed through the reckless actions of their driver and the paparazzi in 1997.

The jury had been told that a verdict of unlawful killing would mean that they believed the reckless behavior of the driver and paparazzi amounted to manslaughter. It was the most serious verdict available to them.

It’s not the rulung that Mohamed Al Fayed wanted, but it’s better than nothing. Al Fayed unconvincingly, according to the coronor, argued that the deaths of his son and Princess were the result of a royal plot to eliminate any further embarassment for the House of Windsor. Boy, if the Windsors wanted to eliminate someone permanently who is an embarassment, I think Charles, the Crown Prince and Royal Jester, would have been a much more appropriate target. I would not be surprised if his mother, the Queen, tries to outlive him or ay least hang around till Charles realizes that the best thing he can do for his kingdom is renouce any claims to the throne in favor of his eldest son.

I am of the opinion that the judge was right in instructing the jury tha there was not enough evidence to rule in favor of a royal murder conspiracy. I think the final ruling by the coroner’s jury puts the blame squarely where it belongs – on the piranhas of the press in Europe who go into a feeding frenzy at the drop of a hat. It’s too bad the French courts did not get a chance to try the nine paparazzi charged in the case. It would be interesting to have seen what a French jury would have decided.

This accident will join the Kennedy assasinations, the deaths of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Area 51, and others in that great black hole of unproven conspiracies of legendary status. Like its new peers, we will never know the truth or untruth of the existenc e of a government conspiracy. Diana and Dodi’s death will provide fodder for tabloids worldwide for years to come.

Better Diana’s death than the fact that Britney Spears lost 15 pounds. Does anyone care how much she weighs? The girl has much more important issues to deal with – her sanity, for one.


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