The Assasination of Dr. King: 40 Years, 40 Questions

The 40th anniversary of the King murder – and the imminent arrival of a new US president – is prompting them to call for those files to be opened at last. Seeking answers on King’s killer BBC Online

As most of you should know, today is the fortieth anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by, officially anuway, James Earl Ray, a two-bit criminal who had escaped from prison a year earlier and was a fugitive from law enforcement at the time of the assasination.

Ray originally pled guilty to the assasination charges, but changed his plea to not guilty within a couple of days. He died in prison in 1988 without ever coming to trial. His plea change had been rejected by the courts.

As mentioned in the quote from the BBC, the FBI files on the King assasination are still closed. J. Edgar Hoover, a man who saw communists in every n ook and cranny, and who was a closet transvestite, was the head of the FBI at the time, Even though Hoover has been dead for years, his stamp is still all over the FBI.

Those are the barebone facts of Dr. King’s assasination. But they are very meager indeed. Until the FBI files are opened, we will never know much more, since the people with direct knowledge of the facts are not talking – they are dead or unknown, like the Raoul mentioned by Ray. This sarcity of reliable evidence has led to all kinds of theories and conjectures, as mentioned in the BBC artcile.

However, that article missed one very important connection, although they do mention the necessary facts. They mention the fact that some of King’s oppenents perceived him to be a communist, and yes, that did include Hoover. Second, Hoover, and therefore the FBI, were committed to ridding the US of communists, real or perceived. Third, the FBI has not releasedf its files on the assasination.

Question: what are they trying to hide? A direct conmnection to the assasination?

I think there is enough circumstantial evidence to raise the question of whether the FBI and/or J. Edgar Hoover had a direct link to James Earl Ray and/or the assasination of Dr. Kong, and probably that of the Kennedy brothers. If you do much reading on Hoover, you will find that he had no love for the Kennedys, especially Bobby. Ine story, possibly apocryphal, that I read some time ago, stated that Bobby, if he had been elected, would have fired Hoover. Given the man’s apparent obsession with his power and his attitude about his role in American society, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Hoover would resort to assasination to do what he thought was best for Hoover and America.

It is time for the FBI files from the Hoover era, all of them, to be made public. Perhaps then we may learn who was really responsible for those killings that have shaped the direction of American politics for so long.

A final note: I mentioned Hoover’s transvestism not because I have a problem with someone being a transvestite, but rather, I have a problem with hypocrites. Hoover was forever throwing slanderous comments around about people’s sexual tastes and habuts, while hiding his own peccadillos.

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