I Escape From The Borg Part 2

Last time I told you about my experiences regarding my latest escape from the Borg of Redmond, aka Micrsoft Windows. It may not have been as exciting as Jean-Luc Picard’s original escape from the clutches of the Borg Queen or his rescue of the crew of the Enterprise from the Borg years later, but it was about as difficult. Bill Gates has the same dreams of domination as the Borg. I expect that any c lose enounter of the third kind will involve a Microsoft marketing representative.

I could continue railing against Microsoft and their despicable marketing practices over the years, but why bother? In your hearts, you all know just how contemptible they really are. Most people, I suspect, use Microsoft because changing over to something else seems too difficult. Or they do not realize just how much better the alternatives are. And it is those subkects I want to address today.

As I said yesterday, most of the Linux distributions require a fair amount of technical expertise to set up. But Ubuntum at least, has made it easy to switch. The core imstallation process, after downloading the free Ubuntu ISO file, which is what you use to create the installation disk, and the necessary free software for checking the integrity of the download and the free software to create the disk, takes about an hour, most of which is waiting for the three programs you need to use to do their thing. Everything is point and click. No fancy command line typing needed.

If you are happy with the core software, then you’re done and ready to go. Ubunut comes with Mozilla Firefox as the default browser and Evolution as the default email client. Firefox is a much better web browser, on windows or any other OS, than Internet Explorer will ever be. Evolution is similar to Outlook in look and feel. The main difference is that Evoltion is free, while Outlook is part of the Borg’s expensive office sweet. Speaking of which, Ubuntu also comes default with the free office suite from Open Office. org that is better than the piece of junk that Microsoft sells.

Not the repeated use of the word “free” in the previous paragraph. That leads me to ask you a question: if you can get the same quality for free or pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars. which would you choose?

Are you into serious graphic manipulation? Another of the default programs on Ubuntu is GIMP, the free graphics program that is the equal or better to Photoshop. More money saved.

And there are lots more.

Please note that when I use the word free here, I mean not only free of charge, but that the software is open source, not closed like the Borg’s software. Bill Gates releases his code only when forced to do so by the courts. What is he hiding?????

Check out the links in the Recommended Links and give some serious thought to freeing yourself of the Borg. If enogh people do this, maybe we can get the computer manufacturers to offer us a choice of operating systens pre-installed. That would serve as a wake up call in Redmond.


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