An Open Letter To Brother Donald

I just love it when people put words in my mouth [dripping with sarcasm]. That is exactly what Brother Donald, a visitor to this site who used the contact form to send me a message late last night, did. Here's the text of that message. I will reply to his comments below the text. Jesus... Continue Reading →


Race and Justice in America Part 1

Back on Febrary 29, 2008, an article Nentitled New High In U.S. Prison Numbers appeared in the Washingtom Post. That article said that mearly ome per cent of the adult population of the United States is behinf bars at an annual cost of nearly $50 billion a year. Those numbers are very disturbing, both from... Continue Reading →

The Love Guru and The Fundamentalists

So, you see, the theological Jesus did not come into existence until four centuries after the historical Jesus. And this theological Jesus has a very controversial history: (In the name of this Jesus) We have soothsayers, we have witch-hunts, we have burning at the stake, we have torture, we have (in modern times) the bombing... Continue Reading →

Patriotism Then and Now

Yesterday, I received a package in the mail from Timne Inc., the people that publish Time magaizne. It's the first volume of a series of books focusing on a specific year and feature articles and pictures from the Time news archives. What made this issue so special for me is that the year featured is... Continue Reading →

Religious Syncretism and Race in Brazil

I'm getting a little bored talking about political isses LOL, so let's talk anthropology and religion today, okay? We can get back to the politics later this week. One of the most fasciniating subjects in the social analysis of religion is syncretism, the combination of elements from various religious and cultural traditions into an integrated,... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling In Defense of Liberty

In my overview of the history of government regulation of public education, I hinted at the reasons why I currently home school my younger son, Michael, who is in the fifth grade, and why, when the current school years ends, I will be homeschooling my daughter Heidi, who will be a junior in high school.... Continue Reading →

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