One [Not So] Shining Defining Moment

There has been what the media is calling “a resurgence of violence” in Iraq. Well, in order to have a “resurgence of violence” you first have to have had an abatement of that violence. Any such abatment, as far as I can tell, has existed only in the mind, such as it is, of George Bush and his spin doctors.

Here’s the latest report on this “resurgence” from CNN:

Baghdad was on virtual lockdown Friday as a tough new curfew ordered everyone off the streets of the Iraqi capital and five other cities until 5 p.m. Sunday.

That restriction didn’t stop someone from firing rockets and mortar rounds into the capital’s heavily fortified International Zone, commonly known as the Green Zone.
Baghdad on lockdown as rockets, bombs fly

So, what does our Fearless Leader, Dubya, have to say about the situation?

President Bush said Friday that the flare-up in violence in oil-rich southern Iraq and parts of Baghdad presents “a defining moment in the history of Iraq” as the government there seeks to root out Shiite militias.

Bush made clear that the United States stands firmly behind Iraqi security forces and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. “He made the decision to move and we’ll help him,” the president said.
Bush Sees Iraq Violence As Defining

A defining moment it may very well be.

It certainly defines just how clueless or stupid or arrogant or all of the above George Bush is.

It may very well define the end of the current Iraqi government and a return to a state approaching anarchy for the Iraqi people.

It may very well be the moment that angers the Congress and the American people enough to where they stand up to King Dubya and bring our children home and out of an unwinnable situation. Why should our sons and daughters die fighting for “democracy” [read oil company profits] in a war that has gone on for over a thousand years? Do we think that our presence there will actually bring an end to the sectarian and ethnic warfare that has gone on since George Bush’s ancestors were living in wattle huts?

If it is a defining moment, I pray that it defines the moment that we finally come to our sense and realize that we have no business in Iraq. Instead of spending American lives and incredible amounts of taxpayers’ dollars on this futile war that profits only the oil companies and their investors, like Dubya, let’s bring our children home where they are safe, and use the money to develop renewable, environmentally safe, alternative fuels.


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