Bush’s Legacy: 4000+ Die In Senseless War

Eugene H. Robinson is a regular columnist for the Washington Post and one of my favorite editorial writers on or off line. I like his stuff so much that I have added him to the news aggregator on this site. That way you can read his column without having to leave this site.

His latest column, 4,000 Dead for What?, is his commentary on the fact that the death toll for American troops in Iraq has reached 4000. Robinson, like me and many other Americans, has some very harsh criticisms of our involvement in this war: its bogus rationale, its nebulous aims, its awful consequences for the families of the dead.

I thoroughly agree with his assessment.

President Bush has often stated that he wants his Presidential legacy to be the war in Iraq. He thinks that our involvement in Iraq had his unflinching commitment to the war – against the wishes of the American people – will make history remember him as a great President. Well, I think that he is mistaken about rhat to some degree.

History will certainly put the war in Iraq at the top of his legacy, but I seriously doubt that what history has to say about Bush and the war will be very positive. Instead of being remembered as one of our great Presidents, Bush will be remembered as one of the worst.

He has deceived and intentionally misled the American people on why we should be involved in this war in the first place. He has mismanaged the war, and those troops he says he holds in such high regard are the ones who have suffered the most for his incompetence and ineptitude. He has allowed the American economy and the American people suffer because we cannot afford to provide the economic and social programs needed thanks to all the money – over 6 TRILLION dollars – that have been spent on this senseless war. Just think of all the homeowners who could have been saved from defaulting on their mortgages with that money.

I could go on and on about how history will view this war and this President, but that would only repeat things I have said elsewhere on this site. The fact that I have a very low opinion of Bush and his cronies is no secret. My only hope is that this country survives the disastrous mess Bush is leaving his successor.

Or will it be Bush’s final legacy that he was the one who finally brought the United States to its knees?

To read Eugene Robinson’s columns in our news aggregator, click here. You must be a regustered member of this site to use the aggregator.


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