Vaccination Exemptions Are Evil, say media and public health officials

Alexandra Stewart, director of the Epidemiology of U.S. Immunization Law project at George Washington University, said many of these parents are influenced by misinformation obtained from Web sites that oppose vaccination.

“The autism debate has convinced these parents to refuse vaccines to the detriment of their own children as well as the community,” Ms. Stewart said.

Public Health Risk Seen as Parents Reject Vaccines

Tell that to my 12-year-old son who is autistic and whose autism developed after his first MMR vaccination at the age of 14 months!!!

As for this articles claims that there is no evidence to support the theory of a link between autism and vaccinations, there is plenty of it if you look for it. Dr. Bernard Campbell, the leading autism researcher in the United States, has said that there is enough evidence for this link for the idea to be taken seriously. The problem is that the medical establishment and the public health establishment refuse to do anyt kind of serious research on the theory.

There canot be evidence to prove or disprove the theory until there is serious unbiased research. But too many health professionals dismiss the idea of link outright. Why? Because if there is serious unbiased research that supports the link theory, these people will get sued for everything they own and then some. Plua their credibility, and the credibility of the health care industry, will sink lower than a snake’s belly.

Ratjer tjam dismissing the idea, and apinting those of us who object to forced vaccinations as somehow evil, the media should be calling for some serious research on the theory. But many media outlets have become political apologists rather than serving the public trist. That is why information on such subjects like a link between autism and vaccinations is mainly available on the Internet.


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