Some hope for American support for Tibet

“If freedom-loving people throughout the world do not speak out against China’s oppression in China and Tibet, we have lost all moral authority to speak on behalf of human rights anywhere in the world.” Speaker pf the House Nacy Pelosi in a speech in Dharamsala, India, where is meeting, along with some other Congressional leaders during a visit with the Dalai Lama, the longtiem leader of the Tibetan government in exile. On Visit, Pelosi Offers Support to Dalai Lama

Hopefully, Speaker Pelosi will put those words into action when she returns to Capitol Hill. As tarnished as American moral authority has become during the reign of King George II, it will be refreshing to watch Congress do what our Fearless Leader cannot or will not do.

BTW, I suspect there is a certain amount of political prejudice on the part of the reporter who wrote the article. He says the Dalai Lama forced his followers to give the speaker a standing ovation. I seriously doubt he would ever force anyone to do anything. That is definitely not the Buddhist way of doing things.


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