Still No Victor for Democrats

I guess we will have to prepare ourselves for more sniping and name-calling between the two Democratic nominess. Hillay Clinton won three out of the four primaries yesterday. That means her battle with Barack Obama will, in all likelihood, go to the convention floor in Denver in August. That is probably good news for us bloggers, but bad news perhaps for the nominee in November.

You see, John McCain won all four of the Republican primaries yesterday. He has officially clinched the Republication nomination. Even Mike Huckabee, as thick as he is, saw the light and conceded. Thank God we wont hear much from that fool for awhile. Hopefully, McCain won’t have a blonde moment and make Huckabee his running mate.That would be one step forward and three steps back for the GOP, IMHO.

As far as the two potential matchups for November go, I still think Obama would be a clearer option for real change. McCain is a bit of a GOP maverick, but he is in favor of the war in Ieaq and until we pull out of there and stop wasting huge amounts of money there, there will be little change at home. At least Clinton and Obama will get us out of there sooner rather than later.

A note on a completely different topic:

I have decided to abandon my attempts at doing a PostNuke site. Instead, I am in the process of setting up a new version of this site using a different content management system called Drupal. It is here.

So far so good on setting it up. I hope to have it done enough by Monday to disable the Postnuke version and take the Drupal version live. The script is a little tricky to work with, mainly because it works differently than Postnuke, but once you figure out how to work with it, it is a real joy to use.

Only one drawback. As with the switch from WordPress to Postnuke, there is no way that I know of to move the registered users data to the new database. That, I’m sorry to say, means anyone who is already registered will probably have to re-register.


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