Barack Obama and the Little People

Political campaigns are abour money, at least as long as the electoral system stays as it is now. And the way most politicians, well all of them with one very important exception, raise campaign funds is though high-ticket fundraisers. And these fundraisers are what leads to the influence peddlers and the power of special interest groups. The received wisdom among political operatives is that you cannot raise enough money for a serious campaign from small-amount donors.

Well, Barack Obama proves that you can! You only have to find the right solution to the problem. The fact that he did bodes very well for how well he will be able to find solutions to the problems he will face as our next President.

Obama solved the problem of raising lots of money from small-amount donors by using the Internet!

Imagine that! Why no other candidate thought of that, I don’t know. After all, everybody else who wants to make a lot of money uses the Internet, Why it took so long for a politician to do it puzzles me. Last month, Obama set an all-time single-month fund raising record of $36 MILLION dollars. Most of it was over the Internet and a lot of that came from donors who gave LESS than $100 dollars. That means he has a lot of people contributing small amounts to his campaign.

Obama has been cited for the strength of his grass-roots efforts. Well, the Internet is why. Not only do people give him money over the Internet, but they give him their email address as well. The Obama campaign has a email list that numbers in the MILLIONS. What a tool for organizing an exrremely powerful grass roots campaign.

Now, Obama has been criticized by both Clinton and John McCain, for being all talk but no ability to implement that talk. Obama talks about making major changes in America and it appears to me that what he has done in terms of fund raising and organizing will most definitely change the landscape of politics as usual. Even Hillary has adopted his Internet tactics to shore up her reliance on traditional fundraisers. But she is still going to rely heavily on the support of influence peddlers and special interest groups. As will. of course, McCain.

All this leads to one question: Who is the REAL people’s candidate? I think you now know the answer. For more specific details about Obama’s fundraising online, click here for a very good article about what his campaign has achieved and how they did it. Do watch out for an occasional snide comment from the author. So much for the objectivity of the pres


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