And where, pray tell, where the parents of these children??

CDC Warns of ”Choking Game” After 82 Youths Die

It seems to me that the families and teachers and other adults failed these kids terribly. This is what is wrong with America – not a lack of religious faith, but a lack of personal responsibility. Children are born to parents ill-equipped to take responsibility for them. We are too concerned about BS like trying to prevent aging or at least the appearance of aging or other trivial BS and the ones who pay the price for the irresponsiblility of so-called adults are our children. It”s time for Americans to get their heads out of their asses and take a good look at what we are becoming – a nation of irressponsible idiots.

We cannot expect others – the schools, the government, whatever – to raise our children for us. We need to do that ourselves and if you are not prepared for that, then, for God”s sake, use birth control.


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