Mr. Bush, Here’s Someone Who Understands Moral Responsibility: Read and Learn!

In a number of posts I have criticized the Bush for its hypocrisy toward the men and women who serve in the military, especially those who return from duty im Iraq anf Afghanistan. Bush wants all this money to send more and more of our young people imto harm’s way, but then the government ignores them once they leave the military, many of them mained for life physically and/or mentally. And, as I pointed out recently, these veterans then become real-life Rambos, venting their anger at the government that has ignored their needs by resorting to acts of violence.

But, I have some good news about these veterans. A couple from Connecticut has actually done something positive to help these young people. Read Offering New Roles to Wounded Marines to learn more about the efforts of this wonderful couple.

What I want to discuss here is the fact that this couple is doing this without any support, either direct or indirect, from the Bush Administration. The training class in the program right now is their first group and the couple is trying hard to raise the funds to keep the program going. It costs $2 million to do a class of about 20. If Bush were serious about his support of America’s heroes, he should help this couple. Not necessarily providing government funding, but some moral support from the Commander-in-Chief would go a long way toward encouraging corporate support. Also it might encourage individuals in other professions to start similiar programs for our veterans.

As I’ve said, most of those returning from combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan did not learn much beyond how to be a good combat soldier while in the military. Many of these veterans do not have marketable skills for the civilian economy. It is the responsibility of all Americans, and most especially those who have profited from our military incursions into the Middle East, to step up and help these veterans learn skills that will help them survive in civilian society.

We have a moral responsibility to help these young peopel make the adjustment back to civilian life. After all, whether we agree with the policies that sent them into harm’s way or not, these soldiers are representing all of us. They are only doing their duty. They should not suffer for the rest of their lives because we presently have an administration that is hypocritical, arrogant and morally irresponsible. Let’s show these young people that the American people do care about them, even if their government does not.


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