I Have A Nightmare: The Ghosts of 1968

Recent media coverage of the Obama campaign has taken on a new tone. He is now being talked about as if he will actually win the Democratic nomination and go no to face John MCain in November. That shift in tone has raised one very serious concern about Obama that I want to discuss today.... Continue Reading →


“Like A Halfling With A Mohawk”

That's how my eleven-year-old son, Michael, reacted when I rold him that a kindergartener in Parma, Ohio, had been suspended for haivng a mohwak haircut. I thought the description was quite funny and very appropriate. For those of you not familiar with what a halfing is, they are a race of humanoids in the Dungeons... Continue Reading →

The Party of Lincoln? Not Hardly!

Resolved, That we invite the affiliation and cooperation of the men of all parties, however differing from us in other respects, in support of the principles herein declared; and believing that the spirit of our institutions as well as the Constitution of our country, guarantees liberty of conscience and equality of rights among citizens, we... Continue Reading →

Some REAL Freedom Fighters

I am a member of the Electronic Freedom Foundation's mailing list. The other dai got their newsletter, The EFFector, which contained the following press release that I want to shre with all of you. The winners of EFF's Pioneer Award are, IMHO, the kind of "freedom fighters" this wolrd needs more of. Open Source Advocate,... Continue Reading →

Bring Back Bobby

It seems that the head basketball coach at Indiana Universrty is in trouble with the NCAA for rules infractions that will more than likely lead to some sort of NCAA sanctions for the Universirt. That never happened under Bobby Knight. Yes, Knight has a temper and tes, that has led to some inappropriate behavior. But... Continue Reading →

The Winds of Change Are Blowing

“I think it’s the difference between their party and our party,” said Robert M. Duncan, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. “They have a more liberal constituency. And the country is center-right.” “It comes down to the issues,” Mr. Duncan said. “I honestly believe this: I can’t remember a better contrast for us between... Continue Reading →

Barack Obama and the Little People

Political campaigns are abour money, at least as long as the electoral system stays as it is now. And the way most politicians, well all of them with one very important exception, raise campaign funds is though high-ticket fundraisers. And these fundraisers are what leads to the influence peddlers and the power of special interest... Continue Reading →

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