Ted Kennedy Kicks Hillary Where It Hurts

Senator Edward Kennedy today officially endored Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination. That was a real kick in the groin for Hillary Clinton. Senator Kennedy is the second member of the Kennedy family to endore Obama in the last few days. Last Saturday. Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK, endorsed Obama, compared him to her father in his ability to inspire people. <

According to political analysts, Clinton is counting heavily on winning big in primaries in northeastern states like New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. After all, she is the Senator from New York. But with Kennedy putting his iconic status and impressive political apparatus at the disposal of Obama, that could throw a serious monkey wrench into Clinton’s strategy.

‘Also, the fact that these states also have sizable numbers of African-Americans, and Obama in the South Carolina primary showed that he can bring these sometimes reticent voters out to the polls in very large numbers, we could see some very interesting election returns next Tuesday. It would not surprise me to see record voter turnout in every state and impressive turnout for minority voters.

Should Obama make a better than fair showing on Tuesday, I would think he has the Democratic nomination locked up. And, if he is the Democratic standard bearer, then we should prepare ourselves for a very ugly campaign leading up to the general election. I thoroughly expect the Republicans to play the race card. After all, look at what they did when JFK, a Catholic, ran. He was at least white. Things, I am afraid, will get very ugly and the more conservative the Republican candidate, the uglier it will get.

What I really would like to see happen regarding the Democratic ticket in November is concerned, is for Obama and Clinton to put their differences aside after the dust settles from the primaries, and for the two of them to agree to being running mates in November. Boy, would that give the Republicans fits – a black and a woman on the same ticket. The voter turnout in November would be phenomenal!

But for now, we need to wait and see what happens on Tuesday. I’ll be back the day after with more commentary. BTW, for what it matters, given a choice between Obama and Clinton, I would pick Obama because his positions on key issues are close to mine more so than Clinton”s. But, the candidate I would really like to see as the Democratic standard bearer in November is not even a candidate for the nomination, and who can blame. As far as I am concerned, the man most qualified to be President is Al Gore.


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