Of Ogres, Onions and Monotheism

A 25-year-old man in Cairo, Egypt, born a Moslem, converted to Christianity at the age of 18. He recently appealed to the Egyptian courts to change the religion on his identity card to Christian, but the court denied his request. Here is the official statement from the judge: "Monotheistic religions were sent by God in... Continue Reading →


The Zeppelin Flies Again

In a recent interview in Tokyo, Jimmy Page, the brilliant lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin, the legendary British rock band, said that a world tour by the band would more than likely occur later this year or some time next year. For those of us who have been waiting nearly thirty years for the band... Continue Reading →

Life Imitatates Art: Real Life Rambos

I've discussed post-stree trauma disorder (PSTD) and veterans of Bush''s war in the Middle East before, but I feel that we need to talk about it some more, especially in light of this article from the New York Times. PSTD first became an issue with soldiers returning from duty in Vietnam in the late 1960s... Continue Reading →

Ted Kennedy Kicks Hillary Where It Hurts

Senator Edward Kennedy today officially endored Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination. That was a real kick in the groin for Hillary Clinton. Senator Kennedy is the second member of the Kennedy family to endore Obama in the last few days. Last Saturday. Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK, endorsed Obama, compared him... Continue Reading →

Lazarus and the New “Comeback Kid”

Hillary Clinton and John McCain win the New Hampshire primaries -but not by much. Hillary s margin of victory over Barack Obama was only three percentage points and McCain s was five points over Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee, the Republican winner in Iowa was a far distant third - something to be said for New... Continue Reading →

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