Need proof Bush is arrogant and a hypocrite? Read this!

The White House is already complaining about reports that House and\r\nSenate conferees have come to an agreement on an intelligence measure\r\nmandating that all agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency,\r\ncomply with the Army Field Manual’s outlawing of torture. The manual\r\nproperly reflects American law by explicitly proscribing the gamut of\r\ntorture measures — including waterboarding — that have proved dear to\r\nthe heart of administration zealots
Excerpted from In Arrogant Defense of Torture New York Times December 8, 2007

The question I think we all need to ask President Bush is, “If you are opposed to and deny the use of torture by US military and intelligence personnel, then why are you complaining about this measure by Congress? Or are the Times and I correct in our assessment of you as arroganr? Are you really a liar and a hypocrite? Are you a “good Christian” only when it’s politically expedient, like so many of your fellow “evangelical” politicians?

It strikes me as ironic that a man who was elected to the highest office in the USA on a campaign boasting of his high moral integrity grounded in his strong Christian faith would condone the use of torture, either explicity or implicitly. And his party took his predecessor, Bill Clinton to task for some relatively minor sexual peccadillos, while some of them were indulging in sexual activities that, by their standards, were deserving of fire and brimstone.

I’m not necessarily saying that the Deomcrats are less likely to bend their morals for political expediency. Most every politician does that at some point or another. It comes with the terroritory. But I seriously doubt that any Democrat, even Hillary Rodham Clinton – the latest Republican “whippng boy: – would sell her soul to the Devil, to use the evangelical idiom – just to get elected. But that is what Goerge W. Bush and the Republican Party have done. They are like the Pharisees of the New Testament that Jesus so often took to task for their arrogance, false piety, and hypocrisy.

I think it”s time we cleared out this nest of vipers, don’t you?


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