The Justice Department asked

The Justice Department asked the House Intelligence Committee on Friday to postpone its investigation into the destruction of videotapes by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2005, saying the Congressional inquiry presented “significant risks” to its own preliminary investigation into the matter. Delay Is Sought by Justice Dept. on C.I.A. Inquiry[/url] Why? So they can destroy... Continue Reading →


More Proof of Bush Administration Arrogance

Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused Friday to give Congress details of the government's investigation into interrogations of terror suspects that were videotaped and destroyed by the CIA. He said doing so could raise questions about whether the inquiry is vulnerable to political pressure. AG Denies Details in CIA Tapes Inquiry I recommend you read the... Continue Reading →

Need proof Bush is arrogant and a hypocrite? Read this!

The White House is already complaining about reports that House and\r\nSenate conferees have come to an agreement on an intelligence measure\r\nmandating that all agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency,\r\ncomply with the Army Field Manual’s outlawing of torture. The manual\r\nproperly reflects American law by explicitly proscribing the gamut of\r\ntorture measures — including waterboarding — that have... Continue Reading →

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