Of Goths, Satanism, and Teenage Quicksand

I was inspired to write this post after talking to my fifteen-year-old daughter about a problem she was having at school with some of the bullies who pick on her because she is different than they are. Heidi is in ninth grade, which technically is a freshman in high school, but the ninth graders in the local school district are still in the junior high school building. That is the result of poor long range planning by the former administration of the district.

We recently got a new superintendent and some new members to the school board, who, we can only hope, show more foresight than the people they replaced. Unfortunately, We live in the Bible Belt and an area that is heavily Republican. The combination of fundamentalist religion and fundamentalist politics tends to not place a real high emphasis on quality public education. Continue reading Of Goths, Satanism, and Teenage Quicksand