Autism: It’s Not Just in the Head

Autism: It’s Not Just in the Head | Health & Medicine | DISCOVER Magazine

For those of you interested in the latest research on autism, the link above is to an extremely interesting article in the April issue of Discover magazine about the most recent clinical studies of autistics. I was made aware of this article by the wife of my best friend back in Chicago who is a nurse. I have asked my son”s doctor to read the article and we will be discussing doing some of the tests recommended in the article on Ian.

I am most interested in doing the toxicology tests for heavy metals as well as looking at possible food allergies. Ian first showed symptoms of autism a few months after his mumps/measles/rubella vaccine. It is my understanding that mercury is used as a preservative in these vaccines. Mercury is not easily eliminated by the human body, especially in children. I don”t want to get into a diatribe about why the government would make vaccinations containing things that poison our children right now, let’s just say that politicians for the most past are ho’s!

I now refuse to have any of my children vaccinated. Arkansas does allow for exemptions that are reasonably easy to get if you don”t mind filling out a form every year. A small price to pay to keep the pharmaceutical companies from poisoning my children. As with so many products that these companies produce, the cure is worse than the disease. Just pay attention to the warnings in their commercials.


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