Rolling Stone : Teenage Holy War

I’ve been a fan of Rolling Stone magazine for almost forty years. I used to be a refular suscriber but let my subscription lapse about twnety years ago, although I did read it in the library on occasion. Now my fifteen year old daughter is a subscriber, so I get to read it on a regular basis again. At least as much as my eyes will allow.

The latest issue has an article about the latest Christian fundamentalist recruiting crusade. Scary stuff! BattleCry is a combination of Christian fundamentalism and militaristic rah-rah. A new army of Christian soldiers out to convert the world by the sword. Sounds an awful lot like the so-called enemy in Bush”s war on terror. The only difference is these kids are Christian rather than Moslem, so that makes them the good guys! A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

The link below is to an online excerpt from the article. You have to be paying subscriber to read the whole piece. If you are not a subscriber, check out your local library to see if they have it. I am so glad my daughter is only a Goth and not one of these screaming fanatics. This reminds me too much of Jim Jones and Guyana, for those of you old enough to understand the reference. The Ayatollahs of Iran and Osama bin Lad”n would give their eye teeth for such fanatics!

Rolling Stone : Teenage Holy War


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