An Open Letter To Google and Its Users

Google is probably the most commonly used Internet Search Engine in the world. The goal of every\r\nbusiness online is to get ranked as high as possible for your business\r\nkeywords on Google. A number one ranking would be the ideal situation. [Have I ever gotten a #1 on Google? Yes, back in 2004]

Google is a very exhaustive search engine. Their listings for, say, a person, will, if you follow the links deep enough, show you\r\neverything there is by or about that person. That can be good sometimes\r\nand sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass. It is because of the second reason that I am writing this post.

I want to publicly state here and now that I disavow and repudiate anything posted by orabout me that was written prior to January 2007. In doing some searching on Google. I have found there are still people using my old material, material that supports certain things that I now find morally obkectionable and/or no longer reflect my views. As for those who use my out-dated material to build their own rankings on Google, I offer this advice: Write your own material and stop dragging my name in the dirt already. I no longer do Internet marketing and would just as soon not wallow in the same pig sty as those who do!

So, I am asking any one out there who has one or more of my old marketing articles on their web site to please remove them! [That inlucdes the interview, Rok] I unequivocally repudiate any and all statements made in those articles. If Quikonnex. the service where I published my marketing stuff for a long time, can remove my entire database of posts – several years worth, then so can the rest of you. Q survived my departure from the world of Internet marketing and so will you.

Finally, I ask Google to please update their database by removing any and all results for “John Botscharow” by removing anything prior to January of 2007. I an asking this here because I could find no other format for this kind of request. Hopefully, someone, as in real person, from Google will see this and be able to accommodate my request.

Some may consider this an outlandish request, and they are entitled to their opinion. But, in the final analysis, it is my material and my good name at stake here. I feel I have the right to rescind any prior permissions for the use of my words, so consider any permissions granted prior to 2007 completely and totally rescinded. Those people using my old material who read this and who are ethical will no doubt remove that material. The rest, well, we know where they stand, don’t we?


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