Stop Crying To Mommy! We”re Grown Ups Now!

National Campus Day of Prayer and Reflection on Global Warming

First of all , let me say that I am very much in support of\r\nall efforts to clean up our environment, and especially to eliminate\r\nthe use of fossil fuels which are creating the greenhouse effect that is causing the global warming.

However, I see the idea of a national day or prayer as one more example of fundamentalist/orthodox fuzzy thinking. They keep asking and expecting God to fix the messes we made. I am sorry to disillusion these people, but God has better things to do.

God left us in charge of this planet and we have to take personal\r\nresponsibility for our actions. We make a mess; we either clean it up ourselves or we live with the consequences. We are not children and God is not our Mommy! Time to grow up, people. Instead of crying to Mommy, get out and get involved.

Stop buying gas-guzzling cars and trucks. Demand alternative fuels. Make your government leaders pass and enforce environmental legislation. And the simplest thing we can all do is each of us plant one tree to help replace the millions of trees destroyed every year. Remeber, it is trees that will replenish our ozone layer.


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