An Open Letter To Google and Its Users

Google is probably the most commonly used Internet Search Engine in the world. The goal of every\r\nbusiness online is to get ranked as high as possible for your business\r\nkeywords on Google. A number one ranking would be the ideal situation. [Have I ever gotten a #1 on Google? Yes, back in 2004]

Google is a very exhaustive search engine. Their listings for, say, a person, will, if you follow the links deep enough, show you\r\neverything there is by or about that person. That can be good sometimes\r\nand sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass. It is because of the second reason that I am writing this post. Continue reading An Open Letter To Google and Its Users


Requiescat in pacem

My wife has three sisters, all older than she is. Her oldest sister has been in a nursing home for a number of years now because of some serious health problems. Her second oldest sister called this morning to let us know that the oldest sister had passed away in her sleep last night. Her end was peaceful and pain-free, for which we are all grateful.

Funeral services will be here in Mountain Home on Friday. The sister\r\nwho called and who is handling the funeral arrangements will be\r\narriving tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. My wife and her sister will be\r\nvery busy all day Thursday getting things organized for Friday. Obviously, Friday will also be a hectic day as well. Continue reading Requiescat in pacem

Stop Crying To Mommy! We”re Grown Ups Now!

National Campus Day of Prayer and Reflection on Global Warming

First of all , let me say that I am very much in support of\r\nall efforts to clean up our environment, and especially to eliminate\r\nthe use of fossil fuels which are creating the greenhouse effect that is causing the global warming.

However, I see the idea of a national day or prayer as one more example of fundamentalist/orthodox fuzzy thinking. They keep asking and expecting God to fix the messes we made. I am sorry to disillusion these people, but God has better things to do. Continue reading Stop Crying To Mommy! We”re Grown Ups Now!

Power To The [Indigenous] People: A Follow Up

On a final note, how seriously do you expect your comments to be taken? Basically what you are advocating is that indigenous people make these claims out of revenge? Do some research before you start commenting on subjects you know very little about.

That is the last paragraph of a comment taking me to task for my post Power to the [Indigenous] People, written by the author of a post referenced in my post. I had originally written what follows below as a reply comment to their comment, but decided that my remarks would better serve their purpose as a new post. Continue reading Power To The [Indigenous] People: A Follow Up

A Week In The Life Of A Father

If you read my Welcome page, you know that I used to do an online marketing newsletter. You also know that I have three children: a daughter and two sons. What you may not know unless you are familiar with my old marketing articles is that my older son Ian, who was born in 1995, was diagnosed with severe autism when he was two. A number of years ago I wrote an article called Guerrilla Faith that talks about Ian and what he means to me. I’ll wait while you read it.

Autism, especially in children, includes a variety of disorders, including, in Ian’s case, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and Attention Deficit nDisorder (ADD). That means that Ian can and does obsess on one thing or another but in other areas his attention span is very short, so much so that he seems hyperactive. If you like reading sciencee fiction novels and want some real insight into OCD, I highly recommend the third volume of Orson Scott Card‘s Ender series, Xenocide. In Ender”s universe there is an entire planet of people with OCD. Continue reading A Week In The Life Of A Father

Power To The [Indigenous] People

In case you have not figured this out from some of my comments, becuase of my objections to any religion’s claim of exclusive access to the truth, to God, or to salvation, I do not like attempts at converting “poor benighted pagan bastards” – as whte colonialist have often referred to the indigenous people that lived in their colonies. I include the Native Americans (“Indians”), the Australian Aborigines, the Maori of New Zealand, and the various ethic groups on the African continent that were subject to European colonial rule in the last 400 years.

In each of these cases, the white colonists felt it their Christian duty to convert these “heathen savages” to the civilizing influence of Christianity. Read that as dripping with sarcarsm as possible! Since, the indigenous people tended to resist this Christianization, the colonists often resorted to more stricent measures, sometimes even if the natives\ did convert. These more stricent meansures included slavery, reservations, and genocide. All the while these colonists went around trumpeting what good Christians they were. Such hypocrisy and arrogance! Continue reading Power To The [Indigenous] People

A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

My legal first name is not John. What my real first name is not\r\nimportant unless you are with the government ot my bank. Those are the only two places I use my legal name. I’ve been John so long I don’t even answer to my legal first name anymore. What I want to talk about here is how I bcame John and why I’ve used that name for almost forty\r\nyears now.

When I was in third grade, my family moved from one suburb of Philadelphia to another suburb. That meant a change in schools. In my old school people used my full first name – a Germanic name – not a shortened version of it. No one teased me about my name or my accent or because I was an immigrant. Continue reading A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

What Am I Trying To Do Here?

I have been crystallizing my thinking on what I want to achieve with this blog. So I have decided for purely political :)) reasons to put those ideas into a new post rather than into a comment. I am also going to explain in a second post today a little about the family situation that is causing some problems with how much time I can devote to my writing.

So what AM I trying to accomplish here? Continue reading What Am I Trying To Do Here?