An Open Letter To Google and Its Users

Google is probably the most commonly used Internet Search Engine in the world. The goal of every\r\nbusiness online is to get ranked as high as possible for your business\r\nkeywords on Google. A number one ranking would be the ideal situation. [Have I ever gotten a #1 on Google? Yes, back in 2004] Google is a... Continue Reading →


Requiescat in pacem

My wife has three sisters, all older than she is. Her oldest sister has been in a nursing home for a number of years now because of some serious health problems. Her second oldest sister called this morning to let us know that the oldest sister had passed away in her sleep last night. Her... Continue Reading →

A Week In The Life Of A Father

If you read my Welcome page, you know that I used to do an online marketing newsletter. You also know that I have three children: a daughter and two sons. What you may not know unless you are familiar with my old marketing articles is that my older son Ian, who was born in 1995,... Continue Reading →

Power To The [Indigenous] People

In case you have not figured this out from some of my comments, becuase of my objections to any religion's claim of exclusive access to the truth, to God, or to salvation, I do not like attempts at converting "poor benighted pagan bastards" - as whte colonialist have often referred to the indigenous people that... Continue Reading →

A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

My legal first name is not John. What my real first name is not\r\nimportant unless you are with the government ot my bank. Those are the only two places I use my legal name. I've been John so long I don't even answer to my legal first name anymore. What I want to talk about... Continue Reading →

What Am I Trying To Do Here?

I have been crystallizing my thinking on what I want to achieve with this blog. So I have decided for purely political :)) reasons to put those ideas into a new post rather than into a comment. I am also going to explain in a second post today a little about the family situation that... Continue Reading →

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