Is It The Lost Tomb of Jesus? Do We REALLY Want to Know?

Simcha Jacobovici, an investigative journalist and filmmaker, recently did a documentary and companion book on The Lost Tomb of Jesus. That’s the name of the two hour documentary; the book is title The Family Tomb of Jesus. I have seen the documentary, but have not read the book as of yet. I hope to soon and when I finish it, I will do a follow up to this post.

The first point I want to make is that Simcha Jacobovici is neither an archaeologist nor a theologian. His job does not> require that he provide convincing, indisputable, irrefutable evidence to prove his point or hypothesis. As a filmmaker his product needs to be appealing to our emotions and senses. That’s what good filmmakers do. Think George Lucas. Continue reading Is It The Lost Tomb of Jesus? Do We REALLY Want to Know?


What Language Does God Speak?

Christian Fundamentalists argue for a literal interpretation of the Bible. But that raises a very important question: which version of the Bible should we use? And in what language?

What language did God use when he told the Evangelists what to write? Was it the same language he used to tell Moses what to write in the first five books (the Pentateuch) of the Old\r\nTestament? Was that the same language God used to talk to David and Solomon or the Prophets? If one listens to some of the more extreme fundamentalists God speaks the English of the King James Version of the Bible. But modern editions of the King James Bible are written in modern English but in the style of the original edition. The words are not exactly the same. Continue reading What Language Does God Speak?