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I have two passions in life, other than writing of course. One of those passions is religion, Christian theology with a special focus on Christian heresy – I am a bit of a heretic myself in more ways than one. I also am a theologian and am anthropologist. That is what my degrees are in. I have combined those two academic interests on my main site.

What I do here is indulge my other passion – an intense interest in politics in the broadest sense of the word. I look at current events, major and minor, and offer commentary and analysis colored by my academic training and my heretical beliefs. The focus on my main site is very tightly focused on the development of Christian orthodoxy in its battles with the heretics in the early centuries of the history of Christianity. My focus here is much more eclectic and diverse, running the gamut from the relationship of religion and science to Presidential elections to racism in sports to things I find just plain funny.

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Finally! A Clear Choice

I will be 68 years old in May. That means that I have been old enough to vote 47 years stop in that 47 years, there has not been a clear choice for president. The last clear choice was Goldwater versus Johnson in 1964 and I was not old enough to vote in that election. But, if the nominees are Tromp on the Republican side and Sanders on the Democratic side, the 2016 election will offer a clear choice: a Socialist versus a conservative Republican.


If you are not familiar with my stand on politics, I am very much a socialist or even left a bad. I strongly believe in the redistribution of wealth and taking care of the poor and needy. I believe that health care should be a universal right provided by the government. The fact that doctors get rich off the misery of others is absolutely abhorrent to me. And it should be for anyone who claims to be a Christian. Unfortunately, I know too many Christian doctors who believe that lucrative medical practices are somehow compatible with Christianity. I have one word for them: BULLSHIT!


I certainly hope that the 2016 election does come down tromp Sanders, or perhaps one of the other arch conservative Republicans versus Sanders. I would be absolutely fascinated to see who the American public selects; whether we as a country vote right-wing or we vote left-wing. I certainly am going to vote left-wing.


Those people in this country who think that socialism equals what the Nazis did in Germany or what the so-called Communists did in the Soviet Union need to read things like Karl Marx’s Capital. Although it is a very dry read(I should know; I read it in graduate school), it explains very explicitly why capitalism is a very poor economic system for Christians. If you want to know why Western Christians, especially Protestants, are so gung ho for capitalism, read Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. By the way, the economic analysis of 19th-century capitalism in Marx’s book is presented in a Christmas classic by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Most of Dickens books also reflect that view of capitalism. It strikes me as rather weird that good God-fearing Christians who love Charles Dickens and his works absolutely abhor Karl Marx, even though they had never read him.

Happy Halloween!

It’s hard to believe that it’s Halloween again already. I guess that’s one of the joys of getting older – time seems to fly when you’re having fun! Yes, getting older is fun! You get to sit around a lot and reflect on all kinds of crazy things. No pressure, no stress. I really enjoy being retired and being older. As the old saying goes, wisdom seems to come with age and I seem to have gained some wisdom finally.

Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays, not because of the celebration that we use on Halloween. Rather, it’s the contradiction between what Halloween really is and what it has become due to its “Christianization.” Halloween is the Christian rasterization of the ancient druidic holiday that celebrated the dead. As my son Michael just reminded me, it was also the celebration of the harvest. In traditional agrarian cultures, late fall was time to celebrate the end of the harvest and the preparations for winter. Days are getting shorter and shorter as we approach the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the dying of the light.
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The Ugly Snake of Fundamentalism Rears Its Head Again!

It seems that we are fighting a religious war in this country… Again! Why is it that the religious fundamentalists want all of us to believe like they believe? Do they really think that they have the only claim to truth? Get real!

This County Clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it goes against her religious beliefs, even though the US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriages are covered by the the US Constitution. I am sorry, fundamentalists, but God’s law does not supersede the U.S. Constitution, because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of freedom of religion, which means we are free to be something other than Christian fundamentalists! If this woman really has a problem with this law, then she should re-sign!
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A thank you and an update

First of all, I want to thank all of you who offered best wishes for my surgery and Mike cancer issues. An update: the surgery went well and the second biopsy showed no cancer, which is good news. I do have an appointment in two weeks with an oncologist. I will fill you in on what the oncologist has to say after my appointment on the 23rd.

Thanks again for all the good wishes and belated birthday greetings to Walt and Vern. Also belated birthday greetings to my brother who turned 66 last month. Boy are we all getting old.



Paradigm Shift Part 2

The second part of this discussion of paradigm change focuses on Rachel Dolezal, a woman in Spokane, Washington, who was thought to be black but it turns out she is white instead. The reason this is game changing in terms of how we talk about race is that the definition of being considered an African-American (the term used originally is much more obnoxious and I won’t use it here) is based on what we consider pure science, u one of my own biological genetic dissent. For example, a person whose great great great great great great great grandmother was African-American is considered an African American even if they look like I purely white person. The old-fashioned term for this is “passing.”

The moral and ethical implications of this so-called science is that having African-American belied in any quantity no matter how my new is so painting that it becomes the dominant factor in your racial classification. Nowadays this is not necessarily a completely horrible situation, although it can be used in a very negative way. There are advantages to being considered African Americans as opposed to Caucasian. The point that I’m trying to make here is that this pseudoscience is a bunch of bull crap. It is not science. It is pure American culture. For a much more detailed explanation of the anthropological theory behind my statements above, I recommend you read American Kinship by David M. Schneider.

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Paradigm Shift

I know I promised to talk about my choice for Pres. in 2016, but there have been some really interesting political developments not related to the Presidential race that need to be discussed. I went do one today, and one next time. Both are related and both are related to what I am going to talk about on my Christian Heresiology site.

The US supreme Court voted five-to-four to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. That is terrific! A related development is the announcement by former Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner(Now known as Caitlyn Jenner) that he is no longer considering himself a man, but rather a woman. Both the decisions force us to rethink how we define gender and sexuality. Obviously, it is time for a paradigm shift.
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Update On Confronting The Past

I am going to take a break from the Confronting the Past series of posts here. A large part of why I am taking a break is that reflecting on my past has opened a lot of, for the lack of a better word, wounds from the past that I thought had long healed. I never intended this series to cause heart or offend anyone and I’m afraid I may have.

Instead of talking about my past, I am going to go back to dealing with a topic that is very dear to my heart-politics (Michael just loves politics LOL) it seems to me to be a good time to return to my ranting about politics (LOL). After all, next year is a Presidential election year and I always without fail endorse a candidate here. So far, the candidate that appeals the most to me is not officially running… Yet. I am not going to reveal my choice for that Democratic candidate yet. I will save that for next time. I will give you a clue, though: it is a woman. I think it’s time we had a female president. I am not sure Hillary Clinton is that woman.

By the way, this is experiment number three with Dragon Speaking Naturally. I am really starting to get the hang of this and am enjoying it immensely. Let me know what you think.


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